Thursday, February 2, 2012

I recently held a 200 follower giveaway on my book review blog, The Vintage Bookworm, for a custom made blog design by me for three different followers. I've been working on all three layouts and one just went live yesterday!

It was Renae from Respiring Thoughts! Here is the before and after shots! =D


- Layout + Header

This was her testimonial:
It was really great working with Vintage Bookworm Designs. Amanda lets you make your own decisions, and she's very willing to tweak things until you're happy with the product. I was really pleased with the input I had in the design process. The turn-around time was good, and I was happy with the amount of communication—I never once felt that I was being kept out of the loop. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I'd be happy to repeat it.

I will soon be putting up some pre-made blogger templates if anyone is interested. =D 

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